Electrical products are required in all sorts of industries and must be of highly superior quality as low quality products may harm people. We, at Magnus offer a top-notch state of the art range of electrical products designed for our clients hailing from industrial niches spanning Construction Industries, and Oil & Gas sector.

Our explosion proof range of electrical products complies with international certifications and standards, and is specifically designed to enhance the safety requisites of various project zones in these industries.

Our electrical product range subsumes:

  • Cables - HV, LV, Marine and Instrumentation.
  • Electrical Bulk Accessories - Earthing Material, Warning Tapes, Crimping & Clamping Tools, cable Trays, Lugs, cable Glands and many more.
  • Electrical Apparatus - Control Switches, Push and Emergency Buttons, Junction Boxes and many more.
  • Poles - Street Poles for streets and highways, and Monopoles for broadcasting & telecommunications.
  • Lights - Street Lights, Flood Lights and Explosion Proof Lights.
  • High Mast - Lighting roadways, bus terminals, truck terminals, ship docks, rail yards and airports.