We are the one of the global leaders offering top-notch Gas based and Compressed Air applications oriented business solutions. We leverage our dedicated team, state of the art infrastructure combined with our exhaustive experience on the industry for undertaking assignments of any scale, small to large, for a wide array of industrial niches including Waste Water & Water Treatment Plants, Ship Building, De-Salination, Refineries, Petrochemical, Power and Oil & Gas.

Our extensive rotating project capabilities subsume:

  • Supply, Installation and Commissioning of Screw Compressed, Reciprocating and Centrifugal Air Stations /Systems.
  • Supply, Installation and Commissioning membrane based and PSA Nitrogen generation Skids for continuous onsite supply of nitrogen gas.
  • Supply, Installation and Commissioning of Vehicle exhaust extraction systems and extraction systems for fumes, gaseous hazards and airborne dust.
  • Standalone Water Cooling System for direct or water skid fresh water open/closed type cooling towers, or integrated salty sea water to fresh water cooling.